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Fall-Winter 18/19

Automne-Hiver 18/19

Spring-Summer 18

Fall-Winter 17/18

Spring-Summer 17

Fall-Winter 16/17

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Forget the ambient brutality and try a little consideration! This season “respect” is the key word, marking a comeback of order. Far from the collision of disparate worlds or a tongue-in-cheek, ironical approach, an honest vocabulary is now emerging as a universal language.
Humility is a desirable value again and we are learning to respect what we once took for granted, whether it be the splendid efficiency of functional objects, the timeless impact of great stories and symbols, or the nobility of the classic arts. Deference to nature and her most essential elements (wood, rock, vegetation) will be an important guiding light for this progression towards a more tolerant outlook, leading to the possibility of a more serene future.

Spring-Summer 16

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Following a winter season that slaked our thirst for pleasure, a calmer sequence favoring introspection is on the way. Drawing from the source of serene, essential, vagabond inspiration, feeding on vital vibrations and purifying ourselves before the moment of rebirth.
Coming into contact with the druids of tomorrow, travels to little known lands or the irrepressible energy of the new influencers from emerging continents, fills our hearts with new desires. And at a time when consumers are calling for increasing limpidity it is good to refocus on what it means to produce apt and pertinent products.
A way of paying more attention, being more attuned. Learning to simply take time, which today represents the most precious, yet essential luxury of all.

Fall-Winter 15/16

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Subjected to a strict diet of self-control for some years now, our spirits are at last being freed from rigor. A flamboyant, highly colored winter is ready to give opulence free reign.

The “less is more” precept is retreating under the onslaught of an expansionist aesthetic—a “plus is more” attitude adopted by a new wave of conquering, pleasure-seeking consumers. Volumes are bold and the allure goes sexy.
A gourmand diet overdosed on indulgence has us licking our lips in anticipation of the great pleasures of the table and other aesthetic and physical pleasures… The prism of inspiration is stretched and hybridized ad infinitum, ranging from historical golds to the very limits of a new 3.0 world, where science defies all imagination.

Leaving behind the norm and experimenting to the point of upsetting established codes—far from lukewarm, the future will take shape amid the thunder of passion and thrills. No limits!

Spring-Summer 15

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Borders abolished, balance redefined, talents from elsewhere: this season new map making is happening.
Taking a step back from our habits and our all too familiar everyday lives, we set sail for new adventures, far from our usual territories, the other end of the world if necessary.

Geography and hierarchy are shifting, turning upside-down. The city is moving to the beach (and vice-versa), emerging nations are turning into the new leaders, the ocean’s depths are becoming like a second home.
The desire to uproot and leave everything behind, to discover who we really are – at antipodes to our routine life – is giving us itchy feet.
It’s no longer an option to remain static, holding doggedly to our positions, anchored in our clichés.
We have to go with the flow, the flow of up-coming generations who are challenging the established order and assisting in spotlighting new countries and capitals, from India to New Zealand, on the international stage.
Far, far away, but closer to the values of modesty, inner harmony and craftsmanship that are guiding an increasing number of consumers in their choices, we are, in the end, looking to find ourselves. As if for a second chance. A chance to take the plunge towards all that is unexplored, that great unknown which is invariably the starting point of the most exciting adventures.